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Anaid is the next guest for our 94th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Taking advantage of a passion that really does something when it is at the right moment with the right inspiration, showing up as a new singersongwriter, Anaid has a complex background with lot of work and love for singing and writing lyrics. Coming from a small city but living in a big one, she was able to keep it with patience during the years and not going with a rush on anything.

Nicolas Bouzas

Nicolas Bouzas is the next guest for our 68th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Nicolas Bouzas is an Argentinian DJ and producer born in 1991. After attending many parties, his attraction to electronic music became stronger and that’s when the deep house captivated him and inspired him to become a musician.


Somesan is the next guest for our 38th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. He is from Arad, Romania and he started djing 5 years ago in the venues of his hometown. He is very popular also outside his country infact he had played in different festivals most notably Exit Festival. He is a music producer too, from a year now, finding always the right sounds in his productions. He released tracks for different labels such as Melotherapy, Arupa Music, Novus Music etc.

Maurice Giovannini

<div> <div><strong>Maurice Giovannini</strong> is the next guest for our 29th Citaci Podcast Series. e was born in Trois Rivieres (Quebec) but he moved to Italy soon in Reggio Emilia. Soon he starting mixing and he did&nbsp; some gigs around the country. His style is a full expression of colours of minimal-dark sounds that you will find in thsi mix too.


<div> <div> <div><strong>Bruno </strong>was born in the Azores&nbsp;one archipelago of nine islands that belong to Portugal, from an early age began his passion for electronic music in love with vinyl always looking for the deep to minimal, influenced by eastern european underground Rumania, usually to organize private parties and afters you can expect to travel between the deep and minimal a hallucinatory trip with lots of energy and love.’</div> </div> </div>

Kirill Matveev

<div>Born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Russia,<strong> Kirill Matveev</strong> has demonstrated to be one of the most refined artists in his country. His sound can go through every mood possible, making him ideal for warming up a dance floor, early afterhours and peak time outburst. Kirill has a very exquisite way of assembling musical journeys. His main focus is to present gems from both past and present to create a penetrating storyline for the listener, allowing abundant space between sounds for better appreciation.


<p><strong>Yuda </strong>was born in Bacau/Romania. Since his first contact with electronic music many years ago his passion grew and led him to decide to start producing and mixing with some new releases and gigs lined up for 2016. Latest release: IInjuredact EP for ID Music Records from Brazil - Traume EP for The Red Skull from Hungary.</p>


<p>Complexity and emotion define <strong>ROAЯ</strong>, both originating from Marseille.<br /> Romain Lucas Cebrian and Cédric Batret construct their musical universe around methodical rhythms, as<br /> well as organic and analog sonorities, thereby creating an atmosphere that is at once relaxing and sentimental.<br /> Always on the lookout for new sounds, ROAЯ melds an ambient texture with a minimalism that is at once destructured and instrumental.</p>


<p><strong>Florin Alexandru Stetca aka Q-so</strong> is the next artist of our 6th CitaCi recordings episode.He is from Cluji Napoca in Romania.<br /> He gave us a nice house underground romenian mix with a lot of cool tracks. His music was already released on a lot of well knowed labels as Inwave, Diferit Records, Cersenin Records,Deep Sense, Dash Deep, Ensis Black.<br /> Hope you all like it.<br /> Enjoy and follow us for next episodes</p>