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Rülen is the next guest for our 36th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. He has a very good experience as a dj both in France (Vryche Basement // Parallele n°2) or abroad (in Switzerland and Biel Belgium at the Festival Les Collines Electronics) where his sets have been very successful. Co-founder of Reshuffle Music, he also released tracks on LW Recordings labels and Losin 'Sleep Recordings.


Coriesu was raised and currently resides in the North New Jersey and New York area, USA. He was always interested in arts and he spent a lot of time in different art schools from 1997 to 2007. He was quickly falling in love with the New Yorks' underground music scene ad night clubs, places where he found ispirations

Provoke Rain

Tomasz aka Provoke Rain is the next guest for our 30th Citaci Podcast series episode. He was born in Poland in 1988 and he was started intersting music culture since he was 18th. He was hosting a radio show where were air-palyng a lot o selections from lounge tunes to nu-jazz ambient and more…He is also howner of Monochrome Recordings that has its roots in drum and bass style. Nowdays he is the mentore of the project "Provoke Rain" Characterized by enveloping rythms, dark pads, deep progressions, always intense emotions, purely groovin' deep.


Bruno was born in the Azores one archipelago of nine islands that belong to Portugal, from an early age began his passion for electronic music in love with vinyl always looking for the deep to minimal, influenced by eastern european underground Rumania, usually to organize private parties and afters you can expect to travel between the deep and minimal a hallucinatory trip with lots of energy and love.’

Ale Baigorri

Ale Baigorri, artista de la nueva escuela de productores. Nacido en 1993 en Santa Rosa de Rio 1°, dio sus primeros pasos en la música a los 8 años, cuando sus padres lo inscribieron en la Banda Infanto Juvenil de su pueblo natal, los cuales se especializaban en tocar instrumentos de viento, de percusión y de cuerdas. Allí fue donde se nutrió de los conocimientos teóricos y prácticos de la música y lo llevaron a recorrer varias ciudades del interior y exterior de Córdoba, interpretando junto a la banda conciertos y marchas en variados actos y festejos.

Kirill Matveev

Born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Kirill Matveev has demonstrated to be one of the most refined artists in his country. His sound can go through every mood possible, making him ideal for warming up a dance floor, early afterhours and peak time outburst. Kirill has a very exquisite way of assembling musical journeys. His main focus is to present gems from both past and present to create a penetrating storyline for the listener, allowing abundant space between sounds for better appreciation.


At only 20 years of age, Hysagi manages to put some light on the strangest corners of electronic music. One hell of a techno journey, recorded exclusively for Citaci Recordings


Rasep is a dj and producer based in Rome. A music lover such as house, micro-house, minimal and dub techno and all styles that characterize them.  In particular, he is a lover of minimal house music, in his productions tries to combine different styles without following the usual patterns. His latest EP released on Vibe Experience, an Italian label that offers artists and very interesting music, includes two original and two remixes by Martin Mann and Herck.