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Volar - Podcast #105 - CitaCi Recordings
Volar is the next guest for our 105th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Volar - a dj, the resident of the «TOL’KOTECHNO» promo group, from Russia Perm. In love with music since his childhood, he played guitar and sung in a choir in his school years. In 2008 he became totally absorbed by electronic music and then by deep and tech house. In 2010 he started visiting «Loco Club» and its aesthetic, athmosphere and guests were pretty much influenced on his desire to connect his life with dance culture. In 2016 he began playing in «Studio» club (Perm), at «TOL’KOTECHNO» parties, and making «Modern Vibe» parties with local and invited artists. During a relatively short period of performances in the clubs, Alexander achieved respect of the professionals and the clubbers. He also organized a few anothers parties over the past 2 years and performed at the major events with the participation of many famous Russian and European artists in Perm. Alex’s focus of interest includes a lot of electronic music genres, but in his live sets he often prefers tough minimalistic house and techno rhythms. Artistic creed: «honesty of selfexpression, quality and originality».
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