Vlad Baldykov

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Vlad Baldykov - Podcast #162- CitaCi Recordings
Vlad Baldykov is the next guest for our 162nd CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Vladislav began to be interested in electronic music since 2011. From that moment, he was actively studying it, giving preference to deep minimalistic sound. Then he began to practice mixing, recorded a large number of mixes that fell into the rotation of the Internet radio station FLAT.FM, as well as many podcasts for various creative associations on the SoundCloud platform, such as A.LIVE - Art & Music Exhibition, Rundell Showcase, YARN Records, Grainy .. In his mixes, he pays great attention to the selection of material, harmonies, focuses on minimalistic percussions and believes that music should reveal a person’s personality. Today, he considers the priority of deep Romanian motifs and flirting of hypnotic percussions enveloping the mind.
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