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Trippy Soul - Podcast #004 - CitaCi Recordings
<p>Born in 1991 in Victoria, a small city from Roumania,<strong> Trippy Soul</strong> under the real name Matusoiu Alexandru discovered his passion for music at a early age.He listened to hip-hop and rap and by the age of 14 he discovered the electronic music. Three years later he start to produce music, and at 18, the first release came out under the name "Smoke Dj". In the next period he collaborate with labels such Amazing Music, Elegant Bit, Medicine Musique, Dot One Records and many others.His tracks was remixed by Steve Nash, Ben Tax, Sven Roesch, Einklang music &amp; others.&nbsp; In 2012 he started a much more dark project called "Trippy Soul", focused on the deep underground area of electronic music. The first release came out in January 2012 at Sonora Records with a remix from Valeria Karter.&nbsp; More tracks came out in 2012 and 2013 at Waldliebe Familien, Quanticman Records, Diferit Records, Padma Music, Trin Records, and also some vinyl tracks at Sakadat Records and Quanticman Records. Some of his tracks were remixed by artists like Behrouz,Matei Tulbure, Kaitaro, Lumieux, Horatio, Noel Jackson and many others. More digital &amp; vinyl releases will come in the future.</p>
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