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Niimm - Podcast #099 - CitaCi Recordings
Niimm is the next guest for our 99th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Grew up in the Punto Fijo , an Caracas city, later he move on italy at young age. He began his approach to music in the first half of the 90 starting his knowledge with genres and musical instruments for metal, crossover, hip hop and then get to electronic music where he remains fascinated from the beginning to the use of synthesizers and computer-samplling techniques used in it, finding green ground for his ideas. So begins his journey in research and musical influences gender ambient, idm, glitch, techno, electro beats and electro acoustic. Together with Maurizio Bisecco, took a great interest in fm, analog and modular synthesis, algorithmic and ambient music, sound-design and meet the complementary visions in the concept of music. In the following years through the use of programs and programming in the field of music did the project Reback natural environment where they find their creative ideas and their diseases to re-sampling, atmospheres, and ambient textures, and the other dark side named Three_Angles how micro house and experimetal techno sound. They do release over these labels : Playful Science, Only300, Pluie Noir, Project London Records, Concrete Records (Italy), Wonder Machine,Trin Collective, inwave, Moira Audio, Perception Dub, Arupa Music, Enfant Records, Pulsar Music,STAMP Records, 278 Records,Insound Recordings, Dubgestion, Leone Music....
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