Maurice Giovannini

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Maurice Giovannini - Podcast #029 -CitaCi Recordings
<div> <div><strong>Maurice Giovannini</strong> is the next guest for our 29th Citaci Podcast Series. e was born in Trois Rivieres (Quebec) but he moved to Italy soon in Reggio Emilia. Soon he starting mixing and he did&nbsp; some gigs around the country. His style is a full expression of colours of minimal-dark sounds that you will find in thsi mix too. He prodiced a lot of tracks released next to artist such as Nu Zau, Plusulaar, Hubble, Adjustment Bureau, Sublee, Luca M, Bnzo and many other artists on labels like Wavetech Limited, Mind Vision, Resonanz, Sleep is Comercial- What Now Becomes, Ensis Black, Body Parts, and more.</div> <div>We are sure that you will like his mix as we do.</div> <div>Follow us for others episodes on our channels.</div> <div>Cheers</div> </div>
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