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L.A. DAVE - Podcast #106 - CitaCi Recordings
L.A. DAVE is the next guest for our 106th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. L.A. DAVE has been putting Nairobi on the map for over seven years with a heady mix of minimal house with an occasional Afro house flair. He’s lived in Serbia, London, California and Tanzania where he was exposed to many different scenes and sounds, helping him build a foundation and an idea of what he wanted to do in Kenya. Dave is also the A&R of Groundid Music. Groundid started off as a streetwear boutique by his friend Moria in Long Beach, California. Unfortunately, the boutique closed down in 2008, but he wanted to continue spreading what Groundid stood for. “The meaning of Groundid,” Dave says, “is to be humble and to stay true. This was always the ethos Groundid stood behind.” The significance his label has is that it truly stands for something, and he tries to translate this directly to the music he puts out, the way he operates and the label’s overall image. Although for him, his main focus is to develop new emerging artists who are looking to release music on a strong platform. Dave wanted to discover new talent and present it in a way where the artists would integrate into the already thriving and established scenes. Realising that no promoters were consistently pushing a truly underground rhetoric, which focused on educating a crowd in an intimate setting, Dave co-founded Temple Nairobi, a party which has for the past 3 years been a key building block in developing the more serious side of electronic music in the Kenyan capital—inviting artists such as Oliver Deutschmann, Yuka, Per Hammar and others to showcase their sounds. Dave has also built strong relationships and has played alongside: Black Coffee, Da Capo, Culoe De Song, Hyenah, Pablo Fierro, Subb-An, Nadja Lind, Stephan Bodzin, Guy J and many more. Temple focuses on an underground techno and house sound, born out of a deep passion for underground electronic music, and is held at The Rooftop above Crooked Q's in Westlands, Nairobi—the perfect location for their sonic ventures and endeavors. The end of 2016 saw Dave mark his third year of Temple, and his continued mission is to create a party that’s all about the music and the people coming together. So much so that Temple was featured on the Techno Traveller Map created in November 2016—showing that so far in East Africa, Temple is the only underground techno party. Dave is also a vinyl enthusiast who collects regularly. "Digging and finding that sound you were looking for is very rewarding. Being able to include something you have spent ages looking for is special and in this way my sets are more unique and distinctive.” He prides himself on being able to introduce new sounds to new people in Nairobi through consistency. “East Africa’s scene is thriving with a vibrant nightlife encapsulating a vast array of sounds,” he says. “Years ago you had the majority of fans listening to what they knew and what the radio played,” Dave continues. “Today, Kenyans have stepped out of their comfort zones and into a dimension they feel a part of.”
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