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Kazan - Podcast #167 - CitaCi Recordings

Kazan is the next guest for our 167th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Andrea T. alias “Kazan” is an Italian electronic music composer from the province of Latina.
Influenced from a young age in the various trend events of both Italian and European nightlife, he decided to experiment with his own musical production with minimalistic background sounds ranging from the Glitch-House to the Romanian Techno.
He released EP on : Zeitlos, P.u.n.c.h.i.s Black., Moira Audio, Asymetrique, Unknown Artist and Ensis Black with Radu Mirica remix.
Resident in the "Re-Born" events together with Velardi in his own province and guest in the "No-One" events on the summer evenings of Pescara (IT).
He released podcasts on Soundtrip Radio, Velkan Records e Mélancolie Music.
In each of his sets, Dub sounds are perceived among all the facets ranging from Minimal-Techno to Micro-House, seeking in his sound to be part of the Italian underground scene.

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