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JADA - Podcast #053 - CitaCi Recordings
For the our first anniversary, the girls JADA are the next guest for our 53th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series. Producing deep moody minimal, JADA have released on Binaural arts (Ro), Soblazn Music (Ukraine), 4Plae Records (UK) and Unfelde records (Ro.) More new EPs are to follow in 2017, as are plenty more surprises that showcase JADA's dark, hypnotic sound. The JADA girls bounce off one another as DJ’s and play back to back with such pleasure. Alongside their residency at Sankeys Ibiza they have played at numerous gigs this year in Romania, London and Ibiza and have been signed to Atmos Artist Agency. Brought up in London by a father who has an equal passion for music and vinyl records as Kirsty, from a young age it was naturally in her blood. "My best memory as a child was my dad showing me how to put a needle on a record". Kirsty learnt to play many instruments at school such as the violin, guitar and piano which naturally alleviated her when learning music production in her recent years. In her teenage years she bought her first pair of Numark belt drive turntables and started to buy records with her Brother. "I found that i had a liking to the rave scene very young because I was so passionate for the music, it felt healing for me”. From then on she collected music and played records until she met Jade in 2014. It started for Jade when she was picked out from her school to play her clarinet infront of huge audience along side the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. This was when she realised she wanted to perform and that sharing her gift became so important. Reading and writing music is something of which her Great grandfather taught her and this is why today she is so passionate about her productions. Jade was born in Leicester and fell into the illegal rave scene at 15. She saw playing records at parties and making people dance a way of life and has continued to do so until today. Jade moved to the white isle in 2014 the year she met Kirsty.
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