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iPca - Podcast #018 -CitaCi Recordings
<div> <div>First of all, i have Romanian blood runin thru my veins, born in '91 in a city called Galati (Ro) .<br /> I am a music lover since all my life, i've passed thru a lot of genres, especially Hip - Hop.<br /> The new 'era' of music, the changing, started about 7 years ago, when i've initiated living the electronical dream.<br /> I've collected a lot of music (Techno, Deep House, Experimental etc.), new different styles. After a short time i've started mixing and i've descovered i love doing it,<br /> 2 years passes and i'm going deeper into the sound, it was the only thing i was thinking about, electronic music. Now, with all<br /> i've heard and i've played, i've started to create my own music, my feelings, with an ambition not to be inspired by others,<br /> i wanted to create something unique, something personal. And this is how <strong>iPca</strong> appeard.<br /> Before 2 years,'Intriga e.p.', the first release came,&nbsp; on HDR Limit. The second release 'Matrice Progresive e.p.'<br /> appeard after a couple on months on Capodopere Label. Before this i've been part of two V.A. releases, on Ensis Black and MOSHItaka,<br /> among other great composers. By mid- 2015 Inwave released my 'Tins LFM', 7 tracks separated in a two parts ep. Lately, me and a good friend<br /> Radu Mirica, created 'Cuget e.p.' released on Louderground Label.<br /> Right now i am waiting for a new release, and i am trying to recover my lost projects, meanwhile i am starting fresh new ones.</div> </div>
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