Involuntary Movement

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Involuntary Movement - Podcast #083 - CitaCi Recordings
​​Involuntary Movement is the next guest for our 83th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. The Vinyl Only label and Alias ​​Involuntary Movement (INMO) are born at the end of 2014 from my meeting (Christian Di Stefano) with DeStrict (manager of INMO label and owner of Opium Audio). The genre we propose wants to be a new thing, we can say we are among the first to propose this genre, which is a kind of minimal jazz house with influences even techno characterized by important groove and a very new sound. Surely it is a very recognizable sound and different from what is mainstream but we also like to involve artists coming from other musical worlds in our project, however, to try to give a product as colorful as possible of all the nuances that music can have. My productions see the use of modularism to have as much sophistication and sound experimentation as to distinguish themselves from what is the market of the moment. Artist of the label: - Involuntary Movement ( Involuntary Movement ) - deStict ( Opium Audio ) - Denis Kaznacheev ( Nerv Music ) - Dorian Paic ( Raum Music ) - Atoll ( Sleep Is Commercial ) - NIZ - Sakamaka and soon more... He released some tracks and remixes on label such as: Miaw, Lockedrecords, R∆W ROOTS, Otomoji, Noisy Nose Record, Verbreiten Records...
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