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I-Max DJ - Podcast #118 - CitaCi Recordings
I-Max DJ is the next guest for our 118th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Born in 1981, globetrotter soul but stable in Veneto, I-Max has got involved into electronic music since teenager. Max’s attention immediately falls on underground minimal and analog sounds, that led him closer to the Berlin club scene and not only. In the mid-2000s he stands out with the crew Venice Minimal, collective that gets the first important gigs in several editions of the Venice Carnival run by La Biennale, as well as at the Area City of Venice and the Fresh & Fruit of Padua; the acquired experience and the own style are affirmed gradually, the experience gained on his own style and the strong ambition, push him to give life to a solo project: a little later he comes up with his pseudonym I-Max, performing in party both domestic and international. In 2010 he created his first label Slowpitch, which will be the prelude to the subsequent foundation of Roundqube Musik in 2013, only vinyl imprint, created with two other established DJs and producers, Francesco Passantino and Gabriele Carasco. From here on, thanks to the recording and event organization projects, I-Max puts his foot firmly on a new artistic level, performing in several Eurpean venues, but becoming quite familiar with Berlin: clubs like Tresor, Hoppetosse and the legendary Club Der Visionaere see him play very often. Habitat, arts and music format, is the latest creation of this multi-talented DJ.
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