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Grotesku - Podcast #049 - CitaCi Recordings
Andreas Stefanou aka Grotesku is the next guest for our 49th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. He comes from the Cypriot scene (Cyprus). His first exposure in music took place when he was 15 years old by attending back then some parties and he started buying a lot of music. Soon he got a pair of decks and statarted plays in a lot of paties around the island. After that Grotesku decided to leave the Island and moved to Greece for studying Audio Engineering and Music Industry (SAE INSTITUTE). 2014 Grotesku singned his first Ep on Sakadat Records with a huge support form dj/producers worldwide. In his mixes and productions He wants to create music that speaks to the dance-floor through sexy grooves and organic sounds always with a touch of incongruous minimalism! His first Ep reached top 100(12 position) in beatport charts! Second release Grotesku-Babaduk Ep(black dub label) found Grotesku hitting the top 100 again on 34 position!2015-2016 Grotesku signed to several labels like Sakadat,Melotherapy,Mut,Aba,Black dub, Inwave. Now he is currently in the beautiful island of Cyprus discovering an working on new and innovate sounds in his studio and he promise to work hard and deliver to music lovers always quality and unexpected music. He also release and collaborate whit a lot of labels such as MELOTHERAPY RECORDS, ABA RECORDINGS, MUT MUSIC, BLACK DUB LABEL, SAKADAT RECORDS, INWAVE. Enjoy this mix has we did and don't forget to follow us on our channels for the next episode. Cheers!!
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