Florian Meffert

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Florian Meffert - Podcast #061 - CitaCi Recordings
Florian Meffert is the next guest for our 61th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Florian Meffert is a driven individual in his passion for experimental music and with roots in Frankfurt. Florian Meffert established himself as an inherent part and member of truelovesounds. His matchless sound and impeccable techniques as a dj but also producer are serving as an example for precise and inspirational music. The potential is still big not only because Florian Meffert is one of those artists that disconnect from the real world and escape into a new world while the creative flow takes over, but mainly because he is constantly outgrowing himself at full speed. He has release some tracks and remixes on labels such as: Palavre Records, Tupiar Records, Amaniel, Generatia '90 Records, Sakadat Records....
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