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F.eht - Podcast #080 - CitaCi Recordings
F.eht is the next guest for our 80th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Residing in the outskirts of Frankfurt in a small town called Giessen, a journey started for a young man who is now known as the producer and DJ - F.eht. Growing up in this quiet town in the 90's prepared him got for the path he was to start walking down in his late teens. Through childhood there where many sounds which stuck in his mind and influenced Ferhat in more ways than one, including the sounds of soulful jazz numbers put together by Syl Johnson and many others from the USA, and a great deal of raw dusty beats and samples running through MPC's in the world of Hip Hop. Since embarking on his journey at the age of 16, his horizon has broadened even more. On the production side, F.eht has released a catalogue of music which has received support from a lot of big names, as well as the support of other up and coming artists over recent years that have grown along side him. A number of projects have been released on his own label Samani, which was launched early 2015. He released some tracks and remixes on labels such as: Act Natural Records, Alboratory, Conceptual, Draft LTD, Dushe Label, Early Morning Music, eMBi Music, Flat Belly Recordings, Habla Music Limited, Kanja Records, Kootz Music, P.U.N.C.H.I.S. Records, Perception Dub, Plae Records, Verbreiten Records, Whoyostro, Zeitlos Music... This young german artist has also had great success in the world of gigs, playing in clubs in Europe, Russia, and other destinations across the world. With a spectrum of opportunity and talent on his side, things are sure to continue growing for F.eht. Contact Atmos for bookings and any other related requests.
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