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Dubfluss - Podcast #026 -CitaCi Recordings
<div><strong>DUBFLUSS </strong>is a project born from the friendship between two guys from Vicenza (near Venice), Mattia Bellon and Marco Fiuma. The project came to life through an exchange of views and ideas shared in the world of club music in various lines of deep, tech and techno. This passion for the genre is grown and widely-depth with the inclusion of the couple into HUND (Underground Music Movement) as resident djs. Dubfluss are distinguished by a careful and maniacal search of tracks, always different from the previous set. Thanks to the experience and selection in their DJ sets, they are able to get a good feeling with the underground situation, and to express themselves in places and situations very well established and knew as Alterego (Verona), La Plage (Venezia), Gilda Club/People Club (Vicenza), Under Eventi (Padova), Kalypso Klub (Croazia), Juice Club (Bergamo), Discovolante (Brescia), Friday Square (Milano), Villaggio Corelli (Milano), Buongiorno Classic (Rimini), Minimal Bar (Berlino) and appearing along with several other artists like Chris Liebing, Ilario Alicante, Davide Squillace, Laura Jones, Ralf, Bella Sarris, Hector, tINI, Alexkid, Kerri Chandler, Matthias Tanzmann, Enzo Siragusa, Rich NxT, Seb Zito, Rossko, Dan Farserelli, Ellen Allien, Marco Faraone, Dubfire, Chad Andrew, David Gtronic and more.<br /> Currently they are also focused on music production to give a personal touch during their DJ sets but also to get to know definitively in the music scene . In the short slack time of 12 months they managed to get the support of many artists and release their productions both digital and vinyl in niche labels and industry which aims <strong>MOAN, SERKAL, INNOCENT MUSIC, BAILE MUSIK, DRAFT, YORUBA GROOVES, ACT NATURAL, BLA BLA MUSIC, MORAL FIBER. </strong></div>
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