Andrey Djackonda

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Andrey Djackonda - Podcast #045 - CitaCi Recordings
Andrey Djackonda (as knowed as Major-Minor) is the next guest for our 45th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Born in 1988, in 1996 he started to studying piano and music theory in musical school in his town Orhei, Moldova. In 2010 he get involved into music production making some tracks in Atmospheric Drum & Bass ans Deep House genres. In 2013 he started his own digital record label “Conceptual” which is got the success very quickly and 2014 he released his first track on Vinyl Only on Resonanz Records. The 2015 was a big year for him, he produce and released his first 13-tracks Album “Stralucirea Sentimentelor Sterse” which in 3 days gets the 1st place on Beatport’s Top 100 Minimal Releases Chart. Nowdays he still productive in making some vinyl only relaeses on his label Conceptual cooperating with such artists as Yaroslav Lenzyak, Gorbani, Alan Castro, Osvit and Claire and taking part of alternative genres projects, such as Major-Minor (electronica) and Space.exe (post-rock, ambient-rock). Andrey Djackonda’s the main music philosophy is “music has no limits”. Enjoy this mix has we did and don't forget to follow us on our channels for the next episode. Cheers!!
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