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Anaid - Podcast #094 - CitaCi Recordings
Anaid is the next guest for our 94th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Taking advantage of a passion that really does something when it is at the right moment with the right inspiration, showing up as a new singersongwriter, Anaid has a complex background with lot of work and love for singing and writing lyrics. Coming from a small city but living in a big one, she was able to keep it with patience during the years and not going with a rush on anything. Now as a sure thing, she is ready to be part of the industry of electronic music scene and to start a true musical balance between singing, acting, writing lyrics, producing and working with quality artists. Anaid’s motto Just imagine the amount of people listening to this right now, but at the same time in a different moment of their lives. With a different perspective about life. Man, this is fantastic!
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