Aleksandar Grum

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Aleksandar Grum - Podcast #052 - CitaCi Recordings
Aleksandar Grum​ is the next guest for our 52th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. He started first as a Hip Hop and then as a Drum & Bass producer, but nowadays music Aleksandar produces and plays is similar to minimal techno and tech house, with a great portion of a dark atmosphere and high energy throughout sets. Alongside his friends, Grum started the most important wave of illegal and underground parties in Montenegro that were highly important for the current clubbing in Montenegro. Beside deejaying and music production, Aleksandar was a manager of radio shows dedicated to all the genres of electronic music (MDJA [Montenegro DJ Association] Radio Show on Radio 98, and “DJ Čas” (DJ Hour) on Radio Bijelo Polje). Aleksandar makes many releases on labels like: Baile Musik​, Kina Music​, Inwave Imprint​, minim.all records​, WHAT NOW Becomes​, Moira Audio Recordings​, Verbreiten Records​, ukiyo music​, Yulia Rec​....
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