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Mr.Raltz is the next guest for our 50th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. He comes from Bacau Romania. Mr.Raltz was Influenced by a underground family, being totally passioned about minimal tech and techno genre from early 2000's. Raltz is someone who can puzzle different moods to complete his music journey with organic grooves and emotional atmospheres, also he shared the decks with Valentino Kanzyani, Ray Okpara, Sebastian Eric, Bill Patrick, Horatio, Radu Mirica, Neverdogs, Sorin Milea, Vicentiu Iulian, Sepp, Tulbure, Shyam, Arapu and more.

Alex Rusu

<div><strong>Alex Rusu</strong> is the next guest of our 31st CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. He brings to us a rare and old school sound, that real house music sometimes tends to forget about. He was influenced by tchno, soulful and ambient music.Taking part of Sunwaves festival, Marathon festival and sharing the desk with Livio&amp;Roby, [a:arpia:r], Chris Simmonds, Cabanne, Brother's Vibe, Valentino Kanziany, Phil Weeks, Nima Gorji, Negru, Ali Nasser and many others, Alex gained loads of experience and kept his path taking only the best from the best.

Claude aka Dubphone

<div style="margin-left: 36px;">His name is <strong>Claude aka Dubphone</strong> and he is a young Romanian dj. He started to djing in 2007 in Bucharest clubs but soon he became very popular in other cities. He is influenced by romanian grooves and he has a energetic style in his sets full of hypnotic sounds.

Randal Boyz

<div><strong>Hdr Limit | Zeitlos Music | Carbono Rec. | Tapas Recordings | Quanticman Rec | Saint &amp; don't Music | Moral Fiber | Rodark Rec. | Cersenin Records | EMBi Music | Moira Audio | Baile Musik | Jelly Beast Recordings | Whoyostro Music |</strong><br /> <br /> Childhood friends, Lorenzo Monciotti e Matteo Pescetellli, aka <strong>Randal Boyz</strong>, begin their musical and productive collaboration in 2009.


<p><strong>┼×akamaka </strong>is a DJ and Producer based in Utrecht. He sees his musical roots in the underground Hip Hop early 90. Impressed by the different (electronic) music styles, which came along on his journeys in night life, the first UK Garage records of his co-inhabitant at that time got him to get interested in djing. The fascination and variety which House music gave him led to a style change. Later he focused more on the deep, dubby but at the same time pushing beats.