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Nicvius is the next guest for our 81th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Nicvius, on his real name, Nicolae-Flavius Lazau, is an artist born in Beius, Bihor County, Romania that has a passion for House Music since a little boy. As he grew up, he was more atracted to the abstract side of House Music, with strange sounds and grooves that others may never like or listen as much as he did.
DJin' since 2007 and recently started to play and collect minimal-house vinyls, his main goal is to make the crowd love and understand Underground music as they never did before.

Giacomo Pellegrino

Giacomo Pellegrino is the next guest for our 41st CitaCi Podcast series episode. Thin, weedy, with his own afro hair that is a kind of tribute to the black roots of a sound shared by funk and house, which make him look like a mushroom cloud! He is a very passionate about the music and he started djing wheb he was only fourteen. He is son of a musician, at that time he used to follow him to every concert, visiting the most important clubs and venues of Sicily. Thanks to that, he developed a true passion for music and clubbing and, later, for djing.


Complexity and emotion define ROAЯ, both originating from Marseille.
Romain Lucas Cebrian and Cédric Batret construct their musical universe around methodical rhythms, as
well as organic and analog sonorities, thereby creating an atmosphere that is at once relaxing and sentimental.
Always on the lookout for new sounds, ROAЯ melds an ambient texture with a minimalism that is at once destructured and instrumental.