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Nicvius is the next guest for our 81th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Nicvius, on his real name, Nicolae-Flavius Lazau, is an artist born in Beius, Bihor County, Romania that has a passion for House Music since a little boy.

Giacomo Pellegrino

Giacomo Pellegrino is the next guest for our 41st CitaCi Podcast series episode. Thin, weedy, with his own afro hair that is a kind of tribute to the black roots of a sound shared by funk and house, which make him look like a mushroom cloud! He is a very passionate about the music and he started djing wheb he was only fourteen. He is son of a musician, at that time he used to follow him to every concert, visiting the most important clubs and venues of Sicily.

Alin Rizea

<div>So far, Alin had the opportunity to perform at different events in England and across borders, and he is now working on his own project back in Romania called Atelier:360*.</div>


<p>Complexity and emotion define <strong>ROAЯ</strong>, both originating from Marseille.<br /> Romain Lucas Cebrian and Cédric Batret construct their musical universe around methodical rhythms, as<br /> well as organic and analog sonorities, thereby creating an atmosphere that is at once relaxing and sentimental.<br /> Always on the lookout for new sounds, ROAЯ melds an ambient texture with a minimalism that is at once destructured and instrumental.</p>