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Ru Pilly de B

Ru Pilly de B is the next guest for our 64th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Borealis land is dead, il renaît ailé. Let him beguile you… Imagine a character with cherub wings, flying right through synthetic clouds. Full of narrative ambiguity structure in parallel universes. History of hypnosis and psyche, made of insistent repetitions, memories of happy mornings, when stars are dying away. de B brought with him a bag of classicalism-laced micro House tracks that creaked at bowed the edges of convention.

Nicolas Bouzas

Nicolas Bouzas is the next guest for our 68th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Nicolas Bouzas is an Argentinian DJ and producer born in 1991. After attending many parties, his attraction to electronic music became stronger and that’s when the deep house captivated him and inspired him to become a musician.

Prã Jescu

Prã Jescu is the next guest for our 65th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Prajescu Ciprian Andrei aka Pra Jescu , Romanian , born in 1992, currently resident in Turin. Pra Jescu performed for the first time in a club at the age of 16years old, from here starts his passion for clubbing. In 2010 he start to perform for many famous clubs in Turin and he had several opportunities, including work for many events around the world . He released some tracks and remix on labels such as: Wavetech Limited / Infinity Label / Arupa Music / Zeitlos Music.


Bryz is the next guest for our 63th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. BRYZ on his real name Emanuel Coman,born in Bucharest Romania. His first contact with music took place early in his childhood when he started with Hip-hop and Tech House. He felt very inspired by jazz,blues loops wich he associated with house music. The produce-ing career started as a hobby in 2009 making deep house and tech house tunes at home. His passion for underground house music became more than a hobby in 2011. Now his focus is on quality Underground Romanian Techno.


Sensek is the next guest for our 62th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Sensek , is a Greek Dj & producer, born in 1985.Growing up in Athens and influenced from the underground culture of his city started to experimenting with music since 2003.Playing without limits sounds of minimal inspirations, dark breaks and dub thoughts.

Florian Meffert

Florian Meffert is the next guest for our 61th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Florian Meffert is a driven individual in his passion for experimental music and with roots in Frankfurt. Florian Meffert established himself as an inherent part and member of truelovesounds. His matchless sound and impeccable techniques as a dj but also producer are serving as an example for precise and inspirational music.


Claudio Leac aka VPR is the next guest for our 60th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Claudio Leac aka VPR was born in Oradea , Romania (1984). Vpr began his deejay career in 2003 , and in 2010 started music production. In those years he had the pleasure and honor to share the booth with renowned artists worth: Barac,Izhevski,Ada Kaleh,Dubtil,Jay Bliss,Puxumos + many more.


Amih is the next guest for our 58th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Alin Mihai, or by his dj name "Amih" , was born in 1995 in the mountain-town of Brasov - (Transilvania) Romania. His first encounter with house music was at the age of 14 at a small gathering with some friends who introduced him to the later loved mixing art.

Vlad N (UA) b2b Esk

Vlad N (UA) and Esk are the next guests for our 59th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Vlad N (UA), Dj and Sound Designer since 2009 from Ukraine, has released on labels such as Sakadat Rec, Baile Musik, Act Natural Records, Yoruba Grooves, My First Love and many others. He digs down on the subgenera's of micro house and minimal Alexandr Tonkoshkur aka Esk (Ukraine) has released on labels such as Bodyparts, Drumatiq Music, Armadillo Brand, Esk inspired by European artists like : Praslesh, Baraso, Yakine, Ion Ludwig, Z@P, Spacetravel.


Zepovek is the next guest for our 57th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Originally from Lima (Peru), Zepovek is a DJ and Producer, owner of Cavarae. As a producer, he released a lot of tracks on labels such as: Ensis Black, 324 Records, Arupa Music, Sakadat, Arms Limited, Yarn Records, Asymetrique Records, DubGestion, Minimalaysia, Pick.sel Records, Sloblazn Music, Stamp Records, Label 87 Music, Perception Dub, UP TO LOFT, Saint & Don't Music, 4Plae Records, Moob Records ... Zepovek has prepared an exclusive mix, composed of minimal experimental tracks, a real unique trip.