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Filip Szostak

Filip Szostak is the next guest for our 76th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. His style is characterized by hypnotic atmospheres and sound loops that make something that could be described as groove micro house with deep elements and minimal darkness. For this occasion Filip make his own micro house combinatin with minimal and deep elements. He has released some tracks and remixes on label such as: Roo Records, Boutade Musique, Berberis, CerSenin Records, Sezonaz, Whoyostro LTD, 2 Owls Records, Deck 1264 Records,Dream Mode, Neele Records ...

Simone Tagliabue

Simone Tagliabue is the next guest for our 75th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Simone Tagliabue is a dj/producer born in 1994 in Milan (Italy). Music lover , since he was a child , at the age of 14 he descovers the intrinsic and crazy world of minimal and techno sonorities , starting to partecipate at local and big parties around his country.

Alesse Kosso

Alesse Kosso is the next guest for our 74th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Alesse Kosso is a guy from Romania born in the 90s. Inspired by the growing techno trend in his area and the good feel that the music gave it to him he started playing music in 2008. After 2 years of learning the basics, in 2010 he started creating his own tracks. He had some release on labels such as Coquette Records, Sakadat records, ensis black etc.


THU is the next guest for our 73th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. THU , from Brasov [RO]. An electronic music lover, Ovidiu by his name, is a self-grown music producer and deejay who started mixing at private parties and local clubs for a decade now. In 2014 began producing music inspired by Romanian artists, and has come a long way in understanding the analogic equipment thus creating more and more tunes soon to be heard in clubs worldwide.


Rickzor is the next guest for our 72th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Rickzor born in the early 80s, on the island Ibiza, the best scenario to grow surrounded by the best music in one of the meccas of electronic music. It was why he had it easy for interested and introduced gradually into that world.


Maarka is the next guest for our 71th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Maarka aka Maxim Balenco is rising underground artist - DJ & Musician who focused on Tehcno and Deep sounds. Maxim has started his career at 2007 with creating own music. Now he closely work at Resonanz Records and also releases his tracks and remix on labels such as: Capodoere, Conceptual Records, Simple Things Records, Diferit records, Moonfire Music Lab, Noise Dealers and many others.

Khristian K

Khristian K is the next guest for our 70th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Khristian K (Hungary), born in 1980 his career started in 2000. The first attempt at mixing happened when he was 15. He had to realize that this artisanship was a far more complex, whole way of transmitting information allowing a much greater freedom than simply drawing a picture. Mixing was something different: he got to know a completely new way of improvisation only based on the moment, concentrating on the present, its future only predictable until the next disc.

Albert Hipman & Federico Mandelli

Albert Hipman & Federico Mandelli are the next guests for our 69th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Albert Hipman born in Milan - Italy, developed his real passion for music at the age of 14 when he bought his first vinyl. He mixed in clubs around Italy and foreign countries ever since combining vinyls and digital music, mostly along side his colleague Federico Mandelli. He is also born in Milan in September, 22nd 1989, discovers his passion for electronic music from a young age. First approach with electronic music came in the clubs & pubs of Milan.


Dragusanu is the next guest for our 67th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. This time we choose to pick up a very promising and talented guy. He sends to us an exclusive well sounding podcast with a mix of genres from minimal sounds to micro moods. He released some tracks on labels such as: Kootz music, MOIRA audio, Louderground Musique, Samani, Conceptual Records, Quanticman Records, Select Case, minim.all, Noisy Nose Record, Ensis Black...


@velefe Vlf is the next guest for our 66th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Valentin Florea aka Vlf (very low frequency), low, enhanced, pushed back frequencies are common to micro house, hence vlf or very low frequency made sense for Valentin's housey, deep background switch-up once it happened. Having played alongside romanian sound's very best, Vlf is considered an up and coming talent on the scene. Vlf is resident at Bipolar House, important club in Romania, and he has released some tracks on labels such as: Conceptual Records, vandalism Musique.