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INgra & Locïc

An eclectic duo of DJ and producers Carlo Barassi aka Locïc and Claudio Ingrasci aka INgra have been on the scene for a long time. Already at the age of 13 years old they started taking their first steps into music mixing, soon discovering vinyl and from that moment it was a love at first sight. these two artists have developed a sound that compliments one another in a harmonious fusion and exploration of rhythms.


<p><strong>Şakamaka </strong>is a DJ and Producer based in Utrecht. He sees his musical roots in the underground Hip Hop early 90. Impressed by the different (electronic) music styles, which came along on his journeys in night life, the first UK Garage records of his co-inhabitant at that time got him to get interested in djing. The fascination and variety which House music gave him led to a style change. Later he focused more on the deep, dubby but at the same time pushing beats.