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Olivian Nour

<div><strong>Olivian Nour </strong>is the next guest for our 32nd CitaCi Recordings Podcast series episode. He is from Bucharest, Romania and he developed a strong taste in music when he was very young, especially in electronic music. His sound has continued to evolve over the years and varies from house to minimal, techno to dub and everything in between. Over the years he has built his own studio and his own label Melotherapy Records to express his feelings, emotions and ideas.

Ali Moghrani

Ali Moghrani is the next guest for our 34th CitaCi Podcast series episode. He get involved into music at the early age of 11. He quickly learnt to produce on different softwares, taking in advantage of his hip hop background Ali fell in love in Minimal Techno type of music. He has a strong taste for composition that grew up in the years that help him to produce a lots of tracks that have an impressive maturity inspite of his young age. In 2008, he became one of the resident djs of PARTY, one of the biggest techno nights in Toulouse at Inox Electronic Club.

Alex Baciu

Alex Baciu is the next guest for our 35th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. He fell in love with electronic music in the lately '90s and later he started to produce. He take ispiration from parties he lived and his music is filled with grand soundscapes and rare tunes, contaminated by hypnotic groove of minimal, with a touch of classic house. You could hear him play at party like Airing Cupboard, Re.Face, Damaged, Rhythmatic, Keep on Going, Platform, Point, LostCat, Playmoon andmore.

Alex Rusu

<div><strong>Alex Rusu</strong> is the next guest of our 31st CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. He brings to us a rare and old school sound, that real house music sometimes tends to forget about. He was influenced by tchno, soulful and ambient music.Taking part of Sunwaves festival, Marathon festival and sharing the desk with Livio&amp;Roby, [a:arpia:r], Chris Simmonds, Cabanne, Brother's Vibe, Valentino Kanziany, Phil Weeks, Nima Gorji, Negru, Ali Nasser and many others, Alex gained loads of experience and kept his path taking only the best from the best.


<b>Rülen</b> is the next guest for our 36th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. He has a very good experience as a dj both in France (Vryche Basement // Parallele n°2) or abroad (in Switzerland and Biel Belgium at the Festival Les Collines Electronics) where his sets have been very successful. Co-founder of Reshuffle Music, he also released tracks on LW Recordings labels and Losin 'Sleep Recordings. Always serching for new soundscapes, the analog vinyl sound followed by a uge collection, are his special signature for his sets.


<div> <div>Coriesu was raised and currently resides in the North New Jersey and New York area, USA. He was always interested in arts and he spent a lot of time in different art schools from 1997 to 2007. He was quickly falling in love with the New Yorks' underground music scene ad night clubs, places where he found ispirations</div> </div>

Provoke Rain

<div> <div>Tomasz aka<strong> Provoke Rain</strong> is the next guest for our 30th Citaci Podcast series episode. He was born in Poland in 1988 and he was started intersting music culture since he was 18th. He was hosting a radio show where were air-palyng a lot o selections from lounge tunes to nu-jazz ambient and more…He is also howner of Monochrome Recordings that has its roots in drum and bass style.

Claude aka Dubphone

<div style="margin-left: 36px;">His name is <strong>Claude aka Dubphone</strong> and he is a young Romanian dj. He started to djing in 2007 in Bucharest clubs but soon he became very popular in other cities. He is influenced by romanian grooves and he has a energetic style in his sets full of hypnotic sounds.

Maurice Giovannini

<div> <div><strong>Maurice Giovannini</strong> is the next guest for our 29th Citaci Podcast Series. e was born in Trois Rivieres (Quebec) but he moved to Italy soon in Reggio Emilia. Soon he starting mixing and he did&nbsp; some gigs around the country. His style is a full expression of colours of minimal-dark sounds that you will find in thsi mix too.