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Prã Jescu

Prã Jescu is the next guest for our 65th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Prajescu Ciprian Andrei aka Pra Jescu , Romanian , born in 1992, currently resident in Turin. Pra Jescu performed for the first time in a club at the age of 16years old, from here starts his passion for clubbing. In 2010 he start to perform for many famous clubs in Turin and he had several opportunities, including work for many events around the world . He released some tracks and remix on labels such as: Wavetech Limited / Infinity Label / Arupa Music / Zeitlos Music.


<div> <div>First of all, i have Romanian blood runin thru my veins, born in '91 in a city called Galati (Ro) .<br /> I am a music lover since all my life, i've passed thru a lot of genres, especially Hip - Hop.<br /> The new 'era' of music, the changing, started about 7 years ago, when i've initiated living the electronical dream.<br /> I've collected a lot of music (Techno, Deep House, Experimental etc.), new different styles.