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Ru Pilly de B

Ru Pilly de B is the next guest for our 64th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Borealis land is dead, il renaît ailé. Let him beguile you… Imagine a character with cherub wings, flying right through synthetic clouds. Full of narrative ambiguity structure in parallel universes. History of hypnosis and psyche, made of insistent repetitions, memories of happy mornings, when stars are dying away. de B brought with him a bag of classicalism-laced micro House tracks that creaked at bowed the edges of convention.


Zepovek is the next guest for our 57th CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. Originally from Lima (Peru), Zepovek is a DJ and Producer, owner of Cavarae. As a producer, he released a lot of tracks on labels such as: Ensis Black, 324 Records, Arupa Music, Sakadat, Arms Limited, Yarn Records, Asymetrique Records, DubGestion, Minimalaysia, Pick.sel Records, Sloblazn Music, Stamp Records, Label 87 Music, Perception Dub, UP TO LOFT, Saint & Don't Music, 4Plae Records, Moob Records ... Zepovek has prepared an exclusive mix, composed of minimal experimental tracks, a real unique trip.


Japanese artist KAITARO is the next guest for our 42nd CitaCi Recordings #Podcast #Series episode. He was born and growing up in Tokyo and started djing at the age of 17. He has hiphop backgrounds spinning some records, but later got into minimal and hpouse music around 2003. Since then he gets into production of some minimal tracks. In the 2007 he changed his base to Berlin and started to perform live acts in the german club town scene.